Remote Support

Computer repair without leaving your office or home

What version do I need?

Windows and Mac

For desktop, laptop, Macbook or Mac.

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For android based phones and tablets

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For iphone and iPad access

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Securing a connection with Verbo Computers

Upon making a remote support contract purchase, you will need to download the corresponding TeamViewer software to enable us to connect with your computer or mobile.

When the download is complete you will be prompted to input your remote ID and password, which we will have provided to you via email or text. Once the ID and password have been accepted we will have remote access to your device and shall get to work on resolving any computer repairs.

You can rest assured knowing your files are safe with us.

The Verbo Computers Team

At Verbo Computers we are committed to providing a high quality and dedicated service to all our customers wherever your location or whatever your situation.

We are compliant with all privacy laws and ensure your data is protected and kept private. You can view our latest privacy policy here.

Do you need an engineer to visit your office or home?

Our engineers can provide a computer, mobile or tablet repair service anywhere in the UK.
Contact us for further details, to arrange a repair, or simply ask more about our remote support contracts.

Prevent computer threats in you business or home by purchasing a Verbo Computers remote support contract.

Use the form below for a call back to discuss your requirements, ask more about our other computer repair services or to request a remote computer support session.

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